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explore and restore posture, mobility and balance

Somalila ( ‘Body-Play’) Somatic Open House

postponed, stay tuned in for new dates

Somae Osler MA Edu, CertifiedClinical Somatic Educator

Surprising and effective ways to release patterns of chronic muscular contraction. Explore and restore posture, mobility and move 

with ease and pleasure.

Somalila Sanctuary 1584 Stamps Road, North Cowichan

To reserve a space or to enquire about private sessions and upcoming fall classes please go to the registration page.

Relieve stress, tension, and chronic pain. Restore balance, fluidity, and flexibility.

Rebuild lost energy and range of motion gently, slowly and with ease.

Expect to improve function that may have been lost for some time. Improve your game and enjoyment of life.

For much of our time in this work we are lying down, there is some standing and chairs are provided for support when ever needed.

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to breath and move easily.  

Somae Osler MA, is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Clinical Somatic Educator (Essential Somatics). She has studied MELT with Sue Hitzmann in New York. Her passion for Somatics is deeply rooted in a life long love and joy of freedom through movement as expressed on the dance floor, or in walking up local mountain trails with our dog Tugboat, and partner Richard.

For more information, or to register contact Somae through the registration page,

or directly at [email protected].ca or call 250-510-4644.