Essential Somatics:
Movement for a pain-free body 


About Somae

Somalila Sanctuary began as a seed idea in 2012 when I imagined offering a movement class (much like a dance, movement, meditation class I had offered back in the 90's in Vancouver) out of my own, newly realised studio space. We found our house, overlooking a marshland in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, in 2010. 

Back then, we had no idea what we would do with the studio/workshop also on the property. At that point my most recent work had been as a storyteller and sessional teacher for Simon Fraser University in the Education department, it had been years since I considered a return to teaching movement. Yoga became my doorway back.

I was very fortunate to train with Deborah Carruthers in Harmony Yoga's 200 hour yoga teacher training program in 2012, here in Duncan . I'd been a life-long student of meditation and dabbled with a yoga practice for years. 

In 2014 I discovered The Melt Method. Here again, memory takes me back to those classes I taught in the 90's, when part of my class was spent rolling our feet on rubber balls. Sue Hitzmann's MELT resonated and intrigued me. I read the book and took two trainings with Sue in New York over the following year. The soft roller and balls have become a natural adjunct to many of my classes ever since.

Finally, in 2015, I began my apprenticeship with Essential Somatics: Somatics in the tradition of Thomas Hanna.  Somatics increases the power, fluidity and enjoyment of my yoga, strength training and hiking.

I've completed my Essential Somatics Education Coach Training, and will soon complete my three-year Clinical Somatic Education professional training with Martha Peterson in Maplewood, NJ in June 2019.

As I approach my sixty-third birthday, life is showing no signs of slowing down, at least, not in the usual sense! Thankfully, the work I've chosen is, in essence, all about slowing down and entering ever more increasing levels of awareness through movement. I do not have a retirement plan but I do have a dream of teaching Somatics into my 90s!

I hope you will join me in a class or workshop over the coming weeks. Your willingness and curiosity are the only prerequisites for my classes. Together we can explore movement without pain and ever increasing levels of wellness, and joy too.