Essential Somatics:
Movement for a pain-free body 


Movement for a Pain-Free Body


Take up this gentle practice to safely release pain, improve mobility, and restore range of motion.  Put the pleasure back in walking, gardening, playing games and other activities in which you feel compromised.  Feel the swing in your hips and shoulders, find support from your feet and move without pain.

In 1976 Thomas Hanna coined the term “Somatics” (from the Greek: Soma—"living body") to refer to the discipline of re-education-or somatic education –which seeks to foster internal awareness of one’s body.  Somatics is a movement practice whereby we can explore and discover for ourselves where stress (and pain) is located, and with care, intention and with easeful, yawn-like movement, restore ourselves.

These class series are suitable for all those wishing to improve their enjoyment of life and for those with mobility or postural issues, chronic pain or stress, and for those who just want to improve their game! 



Somae Osler, MA, CYT, is in her third year of clinical training with Essential Somatics. This is her ninth season of classes devoted to Somatics in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. Somae has studied MELT with Sue Hitzmann in New York. If you have any queries or questions regarding classes or Somae’s private practice, please contact her directly: [email protected] . Thank you!